About the organization

The autonomous non-profit organization “Innovative Technologies Development Center” IT-Planet” has been organizing and conducting competitions, Olympiads, contests and educational events for 15 years in partnership with companies and professional education institutions that create, promote or use innovations and information technologies in their activities.

We create major Russian and international educational initiatives in various economic sectors that help tens of thousands of people in self-development and professional growth.

For the work of our team, we have accumulated a lot of experience, organized more than 210 educational initiatives, and formed a community of talented students and young graduates. Our flagship project is the IT-Planet International Student Olympiad, which has brought together more than 120,000 talented people over the entire period of its holding.

Our mission

We create opportunities for self-realization and professional growth of people around the world by innovation



The charter

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Key activity areas


Knowledge is the basis of success in the modern world, and we make it available to everyone.


Talented people declare themselves and their abilities to the world with the help of our Olympiads and competitions.


People get the opportunity to find places for internships and further employment due to our support.


We create opportunities for people with disabilities to help them get an education, find a job and succeed.


Realizing the importance of joint efforts, we contribute to the development of interaction between teachers, young professionals and employers.


We create ratings of professional educational institutions, based on their results in our educational initiatives

Our team