For educational institutions

We strive to create an unified community of representatives of educational and business institutions with the aim of improving professional and continuing education, as well as developing innovations.


  • Partnership aimed at introducing new innovative educational programs into the educational process
  • Cooperation within the framework of the academic partnership of vocational education and business
  • Creation of mutual educational programs with the involvement of leading business experts
  • Assistance in organizing internships for students in major international and Russian companies
  • Assistance to students in employment and organization of internships in innovative companies
  • Assistance in preparing students and graduates for international competitions in the field of information and innovative technologies
  • Training and retraining of teaching staff in innovative areas
  • Acquaintance with academic programs of leading vendors

Cooperation options

  • Participation in IT-Planet initiatives
  • Creation of cooperative initiatives
  • Expert cooperation
  • Information partnership
  • Building a community of innovators
  • Participation in IT-Planet ratings